WAR FIELD is a fully-functional, action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter game with a blockchain-driven gaming economy that uses tradeable Ethereum-based cryptographic GLDR Tokens you can buy, sell, trade, and win for skilful play.

Start 2018-06-28
End 2018-11-15 End D-Day : 2

Bitbose completely understand the insecurities related to financial investments in the current market scenario. Heavy transaction fees, third party interference, low interest rates, poor liquidity and over dominance by banks & other financial institutions, are to name a few. The current market scenario is prone to fluctuations and hence, unpredictable.

Start 2018-07-16
End 2018-11-30 End D-Day : 17
NWP Solution

Healthcare Ecosystem on blockchain managed by individuals

Start 2018-08-01
End 2018-12-01 End D-Day : 18
Black Insurance

Black will fix the insurance industry fundamentally. Black is an insurance platform like Lloyds of London on blockchain without the expense, delays and bureaucracy that we witness today. Insurance business will be generated by local MGAs / Brokers / Agents whose responsibility is designing insurance products for a market, pricing and selling the product and organizing claims handling. Delegating business to local agents makes the Black business model scalable while bringing business decisions closer to end customers.

Start 2018-11-01
End 2018-12-01 End D-Day : 18

Bringing Over $2 Trillion in Equity Back to Property Owners Globally with Blockchain

Start 2018-04-30
End 2018-12-31 End D-Day : 48

Our mission is to build an international, un-cheatable, anonymous lottery that gives anyone in the world a real and honorable chance to change their lives. It will be backed by a community of passionate players and investors who support each other. A large portion of the lottery revenue will go towards social causes around the world.

Start 2018-06-30
End 2018-12-31 End D-Day : 48
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